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Allison Gray TeetselAllison Gray Teetsel is a 30-something writer, artist, and rabble-rouser living in New York’s amazing Hudson Valley.

When she’s not at the computer or getting crafty, Allison can usually be found walking the banks of the Rondout Creek, playing a casual game of Magic the Gathering, or working at the local library.

She published her first book at age six–a story about a cat and a dog who go on an adventure together. That book had a limited print run of one, at the elementary school library.

Fifteen years later, she made the decision to attend SUNY Oswego, where she majored in Writing Arts, and minored in Linguistics. There,
Allison fell in love with language and the written word. She graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in English.

She also attended SUNY New Paltz, where she studied English and Secondary Education. There, she acquired her invaluable research skills and an overwhelming love of Shakespeare and Fitzgerald. She graduated with her Master of Arts in Teaching.

She’s been a teacher, call center representative, gas station attendant, internet marketer, photo lab manager, pharmacy associate, and ad writer–not necessarily in that order.

She’s addicted to Reese’s big cups, alliteration, and films starring Edward Norton. She’s also gluten-free, introverted, and a major musicphile. (I can name that tune in one note, George.)

Want to know more? Drop Allison a line here.

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